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Driving Innovations with Smart Home Solutions

MediaTek powers leading intelligent home products like smart TVs, the newest and most advance voice assistant devices, Wi-Fi routers, optical and blu-ray disks and can even be found in audio and security products, smart appliances, exercise equipment and more.

MediaTek’s forte lies in building the intelligent home of tomorrow. This is where we started, and continue to lead.

AI Enhanced

We are making all these products even smarter with enhanced AI features and powerful AI processing in the device – Edge AI. This means we can add dynamic intelligence to connectivity, create innovative object detection technologies even for TVs, and provide context awareness to voice and facial recognition, and much more.

Digital TV

Premium smart TVs with next-gen AI enhancements

​More than 70% of all TVs globally are powered by MediaTek, making more than 2 billion MediaTek powered TVs around the world today.

MediaTek Knows Multi-media

With Ultra High Definition (UHD) becoming a mature technology, MediaTek continues to push the boundary with next-generation multimedia technologies that make UHD content shine. With worldwide demodulation, leading connectivity solutions, and a high level of technology integration into our SoCs, MediaTek digital TV chipsets reduce both cost and time-to-market for next-generation digital TVs, making exciting new levels of home entertainment available to a much wider audience.

As the world’s number one digital TV chip & IP supplier, we are building the next generation of intelligent displays that maximize viewing quality with AI-powered image enhancement features like real-time scene analysis.

Our Chipsets

  • MT5660

    MediaTek MT5660 consists of four Cortex A53 cores clocked at 1.0GHz and a Mali GPU clocked at 490MHz.

  • MT5670

    MediaTek MT5670 smart TV platform is ideal for TV brands looking to create incredible 4K UltraHD smart TVs with new AI-enhanced capabilities. We've added our novel AI PQ technologies inside, which can analyze the live-stream or video for facial and scene recognition, then automatically fine-tune a wealth of picture quality settings to provide true studio-quality visuals.

    With its powerful quad-core processor, the MT5670 also enables brands to integrate voice capabilities to give consumers even more control over their user experience. The platform also includes mature technologies such as MediaTek MiraVision display enhancements and MediaTek MDDi™ de-interlace solution, for smooth playback.

  • MT9602

    The MediaTek MT9602 is a high-performance smart TV SoC targeting modern 4K HDR displays with comprehensive features. Designed for TV manufacturers to create highly competitive products with global application, the MT9632 integrates a high performance, multi-core CPU and modern GPU.
    MediaTek’s AI-PQ (picture quality) & AI-AQ (audio quality) technologies work together to automatically improve picture and audio quality by real-time video optimization.

  • MT9638

    The MediaTek MT9638 is a high-performance SoC designed for premium 4K60 HDR Smart TVs with MEMC capability. It combines a high-performance, multi-core CPU and APU (AI processing unit), a wide memory bus, a modern GPU, and a number of image and audio enhancement tools. The integrated APU enables up to 10X faster processing times compared to external AI-chip solutions, at considerably lower power and with a reliability that avoids dropped frames.


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