Driving Innovations with Smart Home Solutions

MediaTek powers leading intelligent home products like smart TVs, the newest and most advance voice assistant devices, Wi-Fi routers, optical and blu-ray disks and can even be found in audio and security products, smart appliances, exercise equipment and more.

MediaTek’s forte lies in building the intelligent home of tomorrow. This is where we started, and continue to lead.

AI Enhanced

We are making all these products even smarter with enhanced AI features and powerful AI processing in the device – Edge AI. This means we can add dynamic intelligence to connectivity, create innovative object detection technologies even for TVs, and provide context awareness to voice and facial recognition, and much more.

Set-Top Boxes

MediaTek continues to innovate in the space with the recent Android set-top box (STB) SoCs. With the support of internet access and online streaming, in addition to advanced features such as HDR and H.265/VP9 and 10-bit decoding, MediaTek is leading the transition from generation to generation of disc formats and network or internet streaming.