Driving Innovations with Smart Home Solutions

MediaTek powers leading intelligent home products like smart TVs, the newest and most advance voice assistant devices, Wi-Fi routers, optical and blu-ray disks and can even be found in audio and security products, smart appliances, exercise equipment and more.

MediaTek’s forte lies in building the intelligent home of tomorrow. This is where we started, and continue to lead.

AI Enhanced

We are making all these products even smarter with enhanced AI features and powerful AI processing in the device – Edge AI. This means we can add dynamic intelligence to connectivity, create innovative object detection technologies even for TVs, and provide context awareness to voice and facial recognition, and much more.

Internet of Things (IoT)

For nearly two decades, our chipsets have formed the foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT)


2 billion products a year

We enable more than 1.5 billion consumer electronic products a year, including digital TVs, home audio devices, DVD/Blu-ray players, smartphones and tablets, networking and connectivity products, and many more. Year after year, we focus on making our chipsets for these products more highly integrated, connected and power-efficient.


Leveraging our heritage

As chipsets get ever smaller and more power-efficient, the devices they enable will allow people to manage and control their environments in new ways. We are at the forefront of leveraging our unique heritage to enable this IoT wave.


MediaTek's AIoT program features a series of AI-capable chipset platforms that enable companies to develop intelligent devices for home, enterprise, industrial, healthcare, retail, cities or any other IoT-driven spaces.

MediaTek's AIoT program is spurring AI innovation with its platforms that enterprises, startups, emerging brands and leading OEMs in diverse markets use; designing a wide range of IoT devices with Edge-AI capabilities, new user experiences and addressing new market opportunities.

MediaTek's AIoT program enables adopting customers to deep-differentiate in software and going to market quickly.  The offering includes MediaTek hardware solutions, running Linux or Android software builds.

Our Chipsets

  • i350

    The i350 is an Edge AI platform designed for mainstream AIoT applications that require vision and voice edge processing, such as facial, object, gesture, motion recognition, LPR, voice activation and speed recognition, sound isolation, bio-tech and biometric measurements, and more.

    Built using an ultra-efficient 14nm process, this highly integrated Edge AI platform incorporates a dedicated APU (AI processor) and DSP to enable vision and voice edge AI, with considerably greater performance and power efficiency in common applications.

  • i700

    The i700 incorporates a mix of incredibly powerful hardware altogether in a highly integrated, high-efficiency platform that brings exciting new possibilities to new-wave intelligent devices that require as much edge-AI performance as they can get.

    The MediaTek APU 2.0 within the i700 is ideal for facial recognition applications such as payment authentication in retail, access control for smart buildings or as a visual-sensor platform for autonomous vehicles in factories and warehousing.

  • i300

    i300 (MT8362) is a highly-integrated, AIoT platform that incorporates both compute and RF elements into an ultra-compact design. Plus PMIC, the two-chip solution minimizes design effort and keeps the platform extremely cost-effective, enabling brands to develop a powerful new home, business IoT applications or portable devices and accelerate them to market.

    Inside the i300 (MT8362) an ultra-low-power, yet capable quad-core Arm Cortex-A35 MPCore operates up to 1.5GHz with a large, unified L2 cache for improved performance.

  • i500

    The i500 (MT8385) is a powerful yet efficient AIoT platform designed for portable, home or commercial IoT applications that require high-performance edge processing, advanced multimedia capabilities, multiple high-resolution cameras, connected touchscreen displays, and multitasking OS.

    The chip integrates quad-core Arm Cortex-A73 and quad-core Cortex-A53 processors, equipped with NEON engines, featuring a large 1MB L2 cache and with operating frequencies up to 2GHz. This powerful CPU complex offers high-performance processing power to support the latest OpenOS and demanding applications such as web browsing, email, GPS, office productivity and navigation.

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