Autus, our suite of automotive and automated driving solutions, uses artificial intelligence, mmWave, machine learning, and advanced visual processing solutions.

Our technologies give you the latest in navigation and infotainment innovation. We deliver the most power possible – while being super power-efficient to extend battery life. MediaTek is delivering the technology that powers your ride.

Designed for automakers and their suppliers, Autus is a turnkey solution of software and hardware with an open platform that’s easy to integrate. It features high-performance, power-efficient technologies, leading worldwide modem and RF solutions, advanced SoCs and premium multimedia technologies.

MediaTek Autus validates its products and meets international standards to ensure quality and the trust of its customers and partners. Through its dedicated team of automotive quality assurance personnel, MediaTek will satisfy all automotive customer quality requirements

V-ADAS: Vision Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Vision Advanced Driver Systems use imaging sensors to help drivers detect people and objects so they can make safe and effective driving decisions.  


V-ADAS features include:

  • Parking assistance

  • Lane departure warnings

  • Collision avoidance systems

The MediaTek Advantage

Our versatile vision processing units (VPUs) can handle large amounts of real-time data, providing a high level of functionality with low power consumption. They also contain an automotive-grade ISP with High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing capabilities.

Modern Machine Learning

Our vision processor also employs machine learning that delivers an extremely high level of functionality. This enables lane detection, vehicle detection, pedestrian detection, motion analysis, multi-cam calibration and around-view monitoring.

Our Roadmap to Success

MediaTek has a successful history in developing commercial communication and multimedia technologies for major brands. We have proven expertise delivering fast, power-efficient VPU packages and are well-positioned to meet auto manufacturer’s needs with a long-term, full-featured roadmap of products designed for automated driving.

Small & Efficient 

MediaTek’s decentralized VPU places some processing functions at the sensor, creating a small yet power-efficient central solution that’s easy to manage, low risk, low power and low cost.

Our Chipsets

  • MT2706- Autograde

    With an operating range of up to 20 meters, the MediaTek MT2706 is an ideal ultrasonic replacement. It offers superior performance through faster response times and reliable detection regardless of weather condition. By providing a wider field of view, it requires fewer sensors than ultrasonic solutions, while its overall system and assembly cost remains competitive. The result is a notable improvement to safety and many more potential applications as well.

    The chipset’s tightly integrated CMOS design is optimized for performance and cost; including embedded RF and baseband processing, and 1T1R via integrated antenna in package.

  • i300

    The i300 (MT8362) is a highly-integrated, AIoT platform that incorporates both compute and RF elements into an ultra-compact design. Plus PMIC, the two-chip solution minimizes design effort and keeps the platform extremely cost-effective, enabling brands to develop a powerful new home, business IoT applications or portable devices and accelerate them to market.

    Inside the i300 (MT8362) an ultra-low-power, yet capable quad-core Arm Cortex-A35 MPCore operates up to 1.5GHz with a large, unified L2 cache for improved performance.

  • i500

    The i500 (MT8385) is a powerful yet efficient AIoT platform designed for portable, home or commercial IoT applications that require high-performance edge processing, advanced multimedia capabilities, multiple high-resolution cameras, connected touchscreen displays, and multitasking OS.

    The chip integrates quad-core Arm Cortex-A73 and quad-core Cortex-A53 processors, equipped with NEON engines, featuring a large 1MB L2 cache and with operating frequencies up to 2GHz. This powerful CPU complex offers high-performance processing power to support the latest OpenOS and demanding applications such as web browsing, email, GPS, office productivity and navigation.