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The MediaTek Dimensity 9200
powers a new era of
flagship 5G smartphones

Powering a new era of flagship 5G smartphones

Get ready for the sharpest cameras and brighter captures, all-day gaming with an edge on the competition, immersive multimedia, and the fastest, most ubiquitous connectivity to chase incredible new experiences wherever you go.

Leading the way in
flagship 5G
smartphone chips

  • TSMC 2nd Gen 4nm Process
  • Armv9 Gen-2 CPU
  • Arm Cortex-X3 CPU
  • Pure 64-bit ‘Big Core’ CPU
  • Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU with hardware ray tracing
  • Wi-Fi 7 ready
  • LPDDR5X @ 8533Mbps memory
  • RGBW-native ISP
  • UFS 4.0 with MCQ storage

Incredible Next-Gen

Leading octa-core CPU

Faster in every task,
better in every way

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

64-bit Exclusive
Performance Cores

With 64-bit exclusive
we’ve improved energy efficiency

  • MediaTek has optimized the chip’s heat dissipation into the key aspects of its IC design. This has yielded a 10% greater total heat dissipation capacity, giving a 4X slower temperature rise time versus last gen.

  • Generational innovations have produced up to 25% power savings for the CPU, extending the smartphone battery life even further.

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

First with the fastest
memory support

LPDDR5X @8533Mbps

First to enable MCQ
(multi-cycle queue)
storage technology

First with 8-channel UFS 4.0

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Incredible Graphics

The Dimensity 9200 is the first to use the Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU. Experience the most immersive gaming with extreme speeds and vivid ray traced visuals.

Arm Immortalis-G715

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Hardware Ray Tracing

Visually stunning
next-gen graphics

Ambient lighting,
reflections, and shadows
bring together the next level of
realism to games

Soft shadows

Soft shadows

Without ray tracing, the hard shadows cannot effectively give a true sense of distance and environmental brightness. With ray tracing, the shadows are softened, better reflecting the realness of the space.

Ray Traced Reflections

Ray Traced Reflections

Ray tracing can give floors and walls a more natural reflection effect that traditional rendering techniques struggle to replicate.

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion

To save power and performance, traditional rendering often forgoes indirect light sources in dark areas. With ray tracing, ambient occlusion is much easier to implement, ensuring many areas in shadow retain more detail. In this scene, windshields, tires and depths look more realistic.

HyperEngine 6.0
gaming technologies

Picture Quality Engine Rapid Response Engine Resource Management Engine Networking Engine
Picture Quality Engine

Motion Blur Reduction

Every frame is free from

  • Motion Blur Reduction ON
  • Motion Blur Reduction ON

  • Motion Blur Reduction OFF
  • Motion Blur Reduction OFF

  • Rapid Response Engine

    A hardware-based, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence design ensures Wi-Fi speeds and range are not compromised, even when using wireless earbuds and gamepads. Best-in-class BLE Audio performance reduces audio latency down to just 53ms.

  • Resource Management Engine

    Smart Frame Stabilization Technology 2.0 combines an intelligent sensor analysis working throughout the smartphone with a performance prediction engine that ensures stable, high frame rates without jitter or jank.

Resource Management Engine

Exclusive MediaTek Adaptive Game Technology (MAGT)
reduces system temperature and power consumption.

MAGT (MAGT On vs. Off) *Data Source: MediaTek Labs

The Brains Behind
the Operation

Our latest, 6th Generation AI processor – the MediaTek APU 690 – doesn’t just do more with less, it works hand-in-hand with the cameras, display, games and everyday activities to perform its magic behind the scenes, giving you new experiences, better photos and videos, faster frames-per-second, and eye-popping HDR displays.

6th Generation APU
Ultimate AI with eXtreme Power Savings

Enabling hybrid compute
and an evolved neural
network architecture

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

AI performance leadership

性能+35% 能效+45% (vs. Dimentsity 9000) *Data Source: MediaTek Labs

AI-Camera Improvements

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Industry-leading 5G

Benefit from a truly seamless 5G experience that fluidly switches between long-reach sub-6GHz and super-fast mmWave connections, providing users consistently faster speeds compared to other 5G modems that can only connect to 4G LTE and mmWave simultaneously.

A 5G modem that thinks

The MediaTek Dimensity 9200 empowers its 5G modem with AI, accelerating network searching, enabling faster 5G connection recovery out of dead zones, and other situationally intelligent enhancements for challenging scenarios such as speed trains, basements or subways.

The AI airport mode is 30% faster than that of Dimensity 9000, works seamlessly in the background with over 40 airports worldwide.

Dual 5G SIM capabilities that
go beyond all others

5G That Doesn’t Kill
Your Battery

MediaTek 5G UltraSave 3.0
Exclusive power saving
technology suite

Never worry if using 5G will drain your battery dry again. Now in its 3rd generation, MediaTek 5G UltraSave intelligently regulates cellular power efficiency in all situations, whether in standby, during light gaming, online shopping, watching video, streaming yourself, or even if you need a large download.

Better Connections, Everywhere

The Dimensity 9200 introduces the industry's first smartphone support for Wi-Fi 7, the latest Bluetooth LE Audio with studio-grade HD sound quality and the most complete personal positioning system with comprehensive GNSS and effective dead reckoning performance.

First Wi-Fi 7 ready smartphone chip

Faster Wi-Fi speeds, from anywhere in the house

Wi-Fi 7 ready
*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Studio-grade streaming
Bluetooth Audio

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Outdoors / Underpasses /
In tunnels

50% more accurate global location positioning. More accurate continuous positioning for longer when out of satellite coverage, such as when in tunnels and underground.

Picture Perfect

The Dimensity 9200 is ready to capture professional-grade photos and record HDR video on three cameras, all at once. The MediaTek Imagiq 890 imaging processor combined with the powerful APU 690 enables our latest exclusive technologies.

Catch the colors of the world.
Make every shot amazing

Intelligent Image Semantic Segmentation uses the Imagiq ISP 890
to identify layers for saturation and hue adjustment

Original imageIntelligent Image Semantic Segmentation

Imagiq 890’s Intelligent Image Semantic Segmentation technology uses AI to identify different objects, people, and environmental areas, to make the most appropriate saturation and hue adjustments, making the sky, the people, and the ocean the most stunning it
can be.

Follow the Main Character

Embrace your inner filmmaker and create truly cinematic video that can follow the key person in a scene, actively tracking and adjusting the focus and Portrait Bokeh in real-time, even when moving among other people and objects.

First ISP-native RGBW
sensor support

30% brighter images and 20% greater

Compared to traditional Bayer camera sensors, RGBW sensors can capture 30% brighter images and 20% greater image detail, giving sharper photos with less noise in low-light environments.

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Colorful, Beautiful, Incredible

MediaTek MiraVision 890 mixes together the smartest, most incredible display technologies to ensure streaming TV, movies and videos are always shown at their best.

Media that grabs
your attention

AI-Region Picture Quality Enhancement Technology

MediaTek AI-Region PQ identifies regions, objects and environments within each image and applies select enhancements such as AI-Color, blur mitigation, and tracking bokeh respectively to static shots, in motion, and for multiple people together in each scene.

Enjoy HDR for Everything
on Screen

Adaptive color management
using AI-SDR/HDR
content detection

MiraVision 890 full-scene HDR display enhancement technology can intelligently distinguish HDR content in both dark and bright environments, raising HDR brightness to enhance the visual experience while maintaining power-saving effects.

Faster displays that blend the
best experience and
battery life

MediaTek Intelligent
Display Sync 3.0

MediaTek Intelligent Display Sync 3.0 provides real-time adaptive refresh rate and display power control mechanisms, plus, touch detection that automatically triggers display refresh rate changes. These provide a noticeably smoother experience across wider use-cases, and up to 35% panel power savings.

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs