MediaTek Dimensity 8200

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Built for incomparable power efficiency using the latest TSMC 4nm process, the Dimensity 8200 takes battery life in premium 5G smartphones to the next level, while also infusing faster performance and incredible gaming experiences.

Faster smartphones.
Longer battery life.


The MediaTek Dimensity 8200 sets the standard for highest energy efficiency CPUs, allowing users longer battery life, zero-lag apps, and fast frame rates in games.

Performance cores 4x Cortex-A78 up to 3.1GHz
Efficiency cores 4x Cortex-A55 up to 2.0GH

CPU performance

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Your fingers will
need to rest
before your battery does.

Get the first mover advantage and stay in game for longer. The powerful graphics engine delivers faster frame rates in your favorite titles.

GPU performance

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Maximum effective AI.

With a design optimized for both performance and energy efficiency, the MediaTek APU 580 AI processor can efficiently work as a coprocessor for imaging, display and gaming tasks.

ETHZ 5.0

Platform performance

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Intelligent gaming technologies.
Smooth responsive gameplay.

MediaTek’s HyperEngine 6.0 gaming technologies ensure gamers can enjoy smooth high framerate gameplay without suffering connection drops, FPS jitter, touch misses or gameplay hiccups.

5G Modem Express.

Gaming data is prioritized over other apps giving you a faster
response, and an edge on the competition.

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Go wireless without delay.
Real-time sound and tactile feedback.

Wi-Fi/BT Hybrid Coexistence

Dimensity 8200 features a hardware-based hybrid coexistence design that ensures Bluetooth peripherals can work together simultaneously without interfering, ensuring the lowest latency.

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Intelligent game
engine analysis.
Improved power efficiency.

Intelligent CPU multi-thread optimization: OpenGLES Thread (GLT).

The game engine’s multi-threaded tasks are analyzed according to the characteristics of the game, optimizing them to take advantage of the 4+4 CPU to reduce load and improve power efficiency.

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Day or night
shoot your blockbuster.

MediaTek Imagiq 785 provides powerful image processing with its professional-grade ISP. Co-working with the energy-efficient APU, it can record bright and clear video at night. Capture cinematic video with real-time Portrait bokeh, then follow the film’s main character through crowds with real-time focus tracking.

Become the main character.

AI Cinematic Video

The Imagiq 785 supports AI cinematic video, which can identify each component within a scene, and their respective depth to the camera, allowing real-time background blurring while keeping the main character in focus.

Film at night. See it bright.

AI Noise Reduction for Night Video

w/o FHD30 vAINR
w/ FHD30 vAINR

Amplify the quality and brightness of your night filming with AI noise reduction powered by the energy efficient APU 580 that works seamlessly in the background.

Vivid colors.
Low blue-light eye protection.

MediaTek MiraVision 785 produces vivid colors, with eye-friendly display technology built in. Enjoy HDR media unaffected by where you watch, allowing you to enjoy a true cinema-quality experience anytime, and anywhere.

Watch and game for longer
without harming your eyes.

Low blue-light protection with hardware color control.

Original contentTypical low blue-light adjustment
(severe color deviation)
Dimensity 8200 smart low blue-light control (keeps the original tone)

MediaTek MiraVision can intelligently limit harmful blue-light while maintaining the original color tone, protecting your eyes while displaying the scene’s true colors.

The latest HDR media support.

HDR10+ Adaptive

HDR10+ Adaptive reacts and compensates to changing ambient conditions, ensuring the same premium HDR media experience regardless of whether you watch outside or indoors.