Visionaries on Vision

Episode One: Jimmy Chin

The award-winning filmmaker, photographer and adventurer discusses his background,
his craft and his inspiration — all key elements that shape his vision.

The Future Will Be Built on the Connections TV Creates

Television creates shared moments not only through the content
we consume, but also through the ability to share an immersive
experience that can feel as real as stepping through a
door into a new world.


Connecting Beyond the Screen


Televisions are placed in the center of the living room to bring people together for important moments in history, in entertainment and in their personal lives. But as television gets smarter, the moments
get richer, and the connections get broader.


Smarter Devices = Better Experiences

MediaTek’s advanced technologies in Display, Audio, AI, Broadcasting and
Connectivity work together to ensure the best all-around TV viewing
experience no matter which media stream is being watched.



As new technology emerges

and audiences look for new ways to connect, television will continue to be at the center
of our social lives. Screens will get larger while interactions will get more intimate,
giving us all more control and making us visionaries at the helm of our own creative,
immersive and connected experiences.