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MediaTek MT6750 enables a wide range of mid-tier devices from local and international smartphone brands. Discover some of these popular devices today.


Greater Connectivity

Feel The Connection

Stay connected anywhere, anytime with MT6750. With its 4G LTE Cat-6 modem and radio frequency module, this chipset not only covers worldwide 4G spectrum enabled with 2x Carrier Aggregation but also supports VoLTE, ViLTE and WoWiFi. With a bufferless experience, fetching data is easy from different connection points with up to 300Mbps downlink and up to 50Mbps uplink which is similar to fiber optic landline connections.

Superb Camera

Picture Perfect

Cameras implemented on MT6750-powered smartphones provide advanced photo technologies, starting with support for high-res captors up to 16MP, electronic image stabilization with option of gyro assistance, zero shutter delay, high dynamic range, laser and hybrid auto-focus support, picture enhancing features and choice between RGB and RWWB sensors for excellent low-light performance. MediaTek MT6750 makes photographing everything with the camera being easier.

Powerful Performance

Experience Lightning Fast Speed

Within MT6750 is an Octa-core processor based on Cortex-A53 which performs unlike any other in its category. Superior power-efficiency from the processor taps each of the 8 cores only when needed, allowing for wonderful multimedia content experiences. MT6750's CPU is clocked at up to 1.5GHz and is complemented by next-gen graphics with the Mali T-860 GPU.

Smart Battery

Enjoy the Power Play

When your phone has a high-capacity battery and gets charged up to 75% in just 30 minutes, you can be sure you've got the smartest device around. MT6750 is compatible with MediaTek Pump Express 2.0 that speeds up device-charging dramatically and features other MediaTek technologies to sip power as slowly as possible.

Amazing Display

Explore Real-Life Colors

When your eyes meet the display of your smartphone powered by MT6750, you'll notice it truly reflects what you see in the real world. This is MediaTek MiraVision™ display technology in action, delivering enhanced visual content with 6-layer user interface compatibility and life-like colorful visuals. It even adapts to context with ambient-adaptive picture also known as SmartScreen. With up to Full HD playback capability (HEVC / H.265), MT6750 is suitable for streaming online videos or watching your own video files, all in high quality.

High Definition Video

Create New Stories

Who doesn't love shooting videos? MediaTek MT6750 has amazing video capturing functionality. It supports high-res content recording that gives you a premium experience up to Full HD at 24fps (H.264 encoding).

Why MediaTek MT6750?

Designed for the super-mid market, our MT6750 chip model is a processor that enables mid-tier smartphones. Our chipset offers the next step in connectivity and speed! Getting you what you want and when you want it-that's what we had in mind when we equipped MT6750 with powerful processing to get your apps running fast and Cat-6 LTE to give you the speed you need.


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