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Mobile Photography Basics

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    Want better pictures from your smartphone? Learn our ten tips to improve photo quality and impress your friends. Swipe or click to see Tip #1!

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    Eliminate fingerprints and grease. Make sure your camera's captor stays in perfect condition to get as much light as possible and avoid noise or unwanted grain.

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    Prevent blur with EIS/AIS especially if you don't have a tripod. Stand still and don't move your phone for a couple of seconds when taking a picture.

  • 3_TakeSeveral.png

    In automated mode, camera settings vary within a millisecond. Simply take a few pics using burst mode to obtain different outputs & save the best-looking image!

  • 4_Light.png

    Choose the best time of the day to photograph your subject. Outdoors, keep the sun in your back. Indoors, minimize artificial lighting and keep an eye on shadows.

  • 5_Zoom.png

    Digital zoom tends to result in pixellated images. If you really have to use it, zoom at 1.2X maximum. Better crop your image later or simply get closer to your subject if you don't want to have to resize or affect your pic's quality.

  • 6_JustSnap.png

    Great opporunities don't last, so just capture the moment by clicking without hesitation. Select your favorite images once you're back home, not during the photoshooting.

  • 7_PhotographyApps.png

    Whether you want to lighly process your pics or modify them more heavily, open the Google Play store to find great apps such as Snapseed, Photoshop Express, Instagram.

  • 8_FlashSettings.png

    Disable flash when outdoors and in large buildings. If you don't, it could activate automatically in pictures that don't need it so save your battery life by turning it off. When in doubt, try without flash first.

  • 9_ChooseRightDevice.png

    Opt for a primary smartphone camera captor that's at least 10MP to get high-resolution and color-accurate images even in the dark.

  • 10_PremiumProcessor.png

    Photography is as much about signal-processing as about training. With a smartphone powered by a strong image signal-processing technology such as what's on board the MediaTek Helio chipsets, let your device work its magic. 




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