Essential Tech


Fully integrated in-chip 5G

We’ve fully integrated the 5G modem into the chip, saving power with MediaTek 5G UltraSave and delivering the world’s fastest sub-6GHz performance. Our 5G supports the latest standards and global cellular networks, with improved connection coverage, reliability, and the best speeds.


Stunning Streaming Video

MediaTek’s MiraVision HDR upgrades video playback from both streaming and local sources with dynamic enhancements, giving you stunning HDR visuals.

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Smart Photography

Whether you’re a photo bug, viral video maker, into indie cinema, or streaming to a legion of fans, our Imagiq technologies enrich the capture experience by tying together dedicated AI, imaging processors and accelerators to provide the most compelling results. Just point-and-click anywhere, anytime, and we take care of the rest.

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Incredible Gaming

In the chip we’ve managed to cram flagship-class performance from the powerful CPU & GPU technologies, while our unique HyperEngine gaming technologies provide whole smartphone enhancements on-top, improving the responsiveness, connectivity, experience, and ultimately your competitiveness in game.

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Dimensity 1000 Series


Key Features

  • Flagship CPU & GPU performance in Apps & Games
  • MediaTek 5G UltraSave Technology + 2CC Carrier Aggregation support
  • Whole Smartphone Enhanced Gaming by MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0
  • HDR Video Playback by MiraVision
  • Smart Photography & Video Capture by MediaTek Imagiq
  • 144Hz Ultra-fast Refresh Displays
  • Support latest Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1+ standards

* MediaTek Dimensity 1000 Series products offer a range of exclusive technologies that are optional upgrades for partners to include in their products.

Dimensity 800 Series


Key Features:

  • Octa-core CPU with four Arm ‘Big’ Cores
  • Whole Smartphone Enhanced Gaming by MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0
  • MediaTek 5G UltraSave Technology +2CC Carrier Aggregation support
  • Incredible AI camera enhancements with MediaTek APU 3.0
  • Fantastic 120Hz Displays & HDR10+ support

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