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MediaTek's - Groundbreaking 5G SoC

for First Wave of 5G Flagship Devices


MediaTek has designed a groundbreaking, premium smartphone SoC for the first wave of true, 5G-integrated devices. The multi-mode 5G chipset, with MediaTek Helio M70 modem built-in, boasts a 7nm process and newest CPU, GPU and APU technology for a big performance boost and super-fast connectivity.

It's the world's first smartphone chip featuring Arm's latest and fastest Cortex-A77 CPU and Mali-G77 GPU-class hardware.

It includes MediaTek's latest in-house designed APU 3.0 - our fastest ever AI processing unit. And it's all packaged a single 7nmFinFET SoC.

This is our most advanced, most capable SoC ever, ensuring MediaTek provides a compelling choice for top brands to get 5G smartphones into consumers' hands. Everything about this chip is designed for the first wave of flagship 5G devices.

Helio M70 5G modem:

MediaTek designed Helio M70 5G modem integrated into the SoC.

  • 4.7 Gbps download speeds and 2.5 Gbps upload speeds
  • Intelligent power savings and comprehensive power management
  • Multi-mode support - 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G - and dynamic power sharing for the best connectivity

New AI architecture: Sports an all new AI processing unit. Supports more advanced AI applications, including for imaging like de-blur so users get great shots even when subjects are moving fast.

Latest CPU technology: MediaTek's 5G SoC is a performance powerhouse with the just announced new Arm Cortex-A77 CPU.

State-of-the-art GPU: A robust new Arm Mali-G77 GPU that enables seamless extreme streaming and gaming experiences at 5G speeds.

Innovative 7nm FinFET: Worlds' first 5G SoC built on the cutting-edge 7nm production process for big energy savings in a compact package.

Speedy throughput: A peak throughput of 4.7Gps download (sub-6GHz) and New Radio (NR) 2 Component Carrier (CC) support. Supports both non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) 5G network architectures.

Powerful Multimedia & Imaging performance: Supports 4K video encode/decode at 60fps and super high resolution camera (80MP).

The industry, OEMs and consumers have high expectations for 5G. Devices powered by MediaTek's 5G chipset, with its impressive architecture, leading imaging features, powerful AI and ultra-fast 5G speeds, will deliver incredible experiences.

MediaTek 5G Technology – Helio 5G Modem, SoC & mmWave

Helio M70 5G modem comes with LTE and dual 5G networks (EN‑DC) enabling multi‑mode connectivity from 2G to 5G. Supporting the sub‑6GHz frequency band for non‑standalone and standalone architectures, MediaTek Helio M70 connects everyone with reliable and faster broadband.

Helio M70

MediaTek Helio M70 is the only 5G modem with LTE and 5G dual connectivity (EN-DC), plus multi‑mode support for every wireless network from 2G to 5G.

5G Solutions for Sub-6GHz

Having already showcased 5G sub-6 technology and 5G data transfer rates, MediaTek will begin to power the rollout of 5G devices in 2020 for the sub-6GHz spectrum.


Alongside delivering the best sub‑6GHz 5G solutions, MediaTek is actively developing mmWave technologies to power devices by 2020, when the mmWave market matures.

MediaTek Helio M70 - Key Features

Faster Speeds: 4.7 Gbps download speeds and 2.5 Gbps upload speeds to meet users' growing connectivity demand.

HPUE support: Robust uplink capacity for devices with HPUE support.

Intelligent Power Savings: Comprehensive power management integrated into a smaller form factor for improved energy efficiency and sleek appearance improves modem power efficiency by 50% and extends battery life.

Multi-mode Support: Dynamic 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G power sharing for users to access the best connectivity speeds

Standards Based: Compliant with the 3GPP Rel-15 specification.

NR Bands: Worldwide 5G NR bands: N41, N77, N78, N79

Worldwide 4G LTE bands: B40 and B41

MediaTek is bringing 5G connectivity to consumers faster by targeting the sub‑6GHz frequency band - ideal for urban environments and rural areas, along with developing new cellular technologies for future connectivity standards like- mmWave beamforming and NOMA/MUIC.

5G Collaboration - Device Makers, Networks & Suppliers


MediaTek works with leading cellular operators, equipment makers and suppliers to verify the market readiness of its 5G technologies and make it accessible to everyone across mobile, home and auto.

  • MediaTek Helio M70 achieved the maximum downlink and uplink throughput with Anritsu Corporation’s MT8000A 5G tester, demonstrating that Helio M70 meets the ultra-fast speed requirements of 5G.

  • MediaTek and Keysight Technologies conducted the industry’s first successful demonstration of a 5G New Radio IP data transfer call using a 5G multi-mode modem with integrated baseband, supporting both NSA and SA modes.

  • MediaTek and Rohde and Schwarz are performing over-the-air (OTA) tests of MediaTek’s 5G frontend modules and antenna arrays.

  • MediaTek collaborates with leading cellular operators and equipment including China Mobile, Huawei, NOKIA and NTT DOCOMO to advance 5G development.

Radio Frequency Leadership

Working together with 5G component suppliers and worldwide cellular operators around RF technology, MediaTek brings a complete, standards-based and optimized 5G solution to the market quickly by simplifying the supply-chain.

Companies collaborating with MediaTek on RF technology are OPPO, Vivo and top tier RF suppliers like Skyworks, Qorvo, and muRata, designing the front end module that can accommodate 5G and still keep the device thin and stylish.


5G Technology Leader


MediaTek is one of the top four companies globally to advance 5G development by playing an active role in the standardization of the 5G feature set through the 3GPP standards body.

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) unites telecommunications standard development organizations. 3GPP specifications and studies are contribution-driven, by member companies. You can download MediaTek 5G white papers here.

Along with developing new cellular connectivity standards, MediaTek has invested heavily in 5G technology development to accelerate the rollout of 5G for our expansive ecosystem of partners.

Our 5G platforms include- the Helio M70 modem and future products.

5G - The Next Information Age

5G will open up entirely new platforms of innovation and create a historic opportunity to make the connected world smarter, safer and more equitable.

MediaTek is committed to making high speed connectivity truly accessible as we help connect the next billions of people and devices, continuing on the New Premium promise.

The most exciting parts of 5G are the things we cannot yet predict.

The true shape of 5G innovation is yet to come. Are you ready for a faster future with MediaTek? This chip will change everything.