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MediaTek is the world’s 4th largest global fabless semiconductor company and powers more than 2 billion devices a year. At MediaTek, technology is built with humans in mind to enhance and enrich life.

MediaTek’s core businesses include mobile, home and automotive. MediaTek ensures its chipsets share core technologies across these platforms – so every market segment benefits from a single piece of its intellectual property.

Smart Home

MediaTek’s core expertise is multimedia. The latest in home entertainment and smart homes requires vivid, Ultra-HD HDR images, incredible sound quality, and reliable connectivity.

We are the global market leader in home entertainment products, including digital and smart TVs, optical and blu-ray players, routers and the newest voice assistant devices.

Retail Broadband

MediaTek is a leading innovator in the semiconductor market for wireless home networking and broadband. Its tightly-integrated home networking and broadband Wi-Fi products are renowned for their high performance and reliability, rich set of features and low power consumption.

Internet of Things (IoT)

For nearly two decades, MediaTek’s chipsets have formed the foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT) and excels in the personal IoT space with a series of wearable chipsets, including the latest Biosensor module and technologies like Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT). MediaTek and its chipsets can change the way you can do more, watch more, share more and connect more in or out of your home.


MediaTek’s education tablet chipsets are built to ensure that consumers have the best tablet experience available on the market today and the manufacturing partners have the technology tools at their fingertips to build tablets that users demand.

Point-of-Sale System (POS)

A Point-of-Sale system enables business transactions between a client and a company. As businesses have different profiles they need various point of sale systems. Using a POS system can have a positive effect on your business as it allows analytical thinking and planning, increases your business efficiency and makes personal client communication more efficient.


Our tablet chipsets offer captivating, quick, and efficient user experiences. Heavily integrated with leading technologies, MediaTek SoCs help tablet manufacturers build high-performance, highly power-efficient media tablets.

Biometric Devices

Biometric devices are used for capturing biometric data inputs such as fingerprint, iris or both from Aadhaar number holders.

Biometric devices which are Aadhaar enabled have been widely used by the Government of India in various programs or social welfare schemes spreading across a diverse array of applications.


Automated driving is the next frontier for MediaTek. Autus, MediaTek’s suite of automotive solutions, and automated driving products use cutting-edge technologies like mmWave, machine learning, and advanced visual processing solutions (V-ADAS).

A lot of people think that MediaTek only powers smartphones, but MediaTek actually powers various products we use every day - like Smart TVs, Voice Assistant Devices and a whole lot more. I've used quite a few of these devices and one thing they all have in common is that they all perform brilliantly. MediaTek is a great choice for Smart Devices.
Rajiv Makhni, Tech Guru Rajiv Makhni, Tech Guru