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The Perfect Duo

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A world of possibility opens up when the latest MediaTek Helio chipsets meet your smartphone.

MediaTek Helio chipsets set a new standard for what you can achieve with your smartphone. Do more. Go further. Achieve your Everyday Genius.

The Perfect Duo - Video


Life can be more satisfying with a great combination. Some things are just better together – Perfect Duos - like bread and butter, Batman and Robin and Yin and Yang.

MediaTek brings great combinations – those Perfect Duos - to your smartphone through our MediaTek Helio family of chipsets.


We all expect smartphones to do more than ever before. That's why we designed the MediaTek Helio P23 and P30 with features to let you share more, connect more and capture more.

Our newest additions to MediaTek Helio family, the P23 and P30, allow OEMs and ODMs to create smartphones that deliver the most wanted and preferred experience - fantastic flagship features that provide high - end value with affordability.

What is the perfect duo?

Share More

When premium camera quality meets fast connections everywhere

MediaTek Helio P23 and P30 chipsets are designed for the highly active modern social lifestyle. With strengths in both camera and connectivity, they make sharing your daily adventures easier, faster and more dynamic than ever.

Better picture quality with Imagiq 2.0

  • Richer picture details
  • Improved denoise in low-light
  • Hardware CCU to enable Instant AE

Faster connection in more places

  • Up to Cat-7 download at 300Mbit/s
  • Up to Cat-13 upload at 150Mbit/s
  • World’s first Dual 4G VoLTE support for more reliable coverage
  • 600MHz spectrum support

Exciting new experiences with dual cameras

  • Dual Camera 13/13MP (P23) or 16/16MP (P30)
  • Mono and color camera combination
  • Wide and Tele Dual camera Up to 10x zoom

Do More

When sophisticated power savings meets impressive performance

MediaTek Helio P23 and P30 chipsets give you confidence to push the limits of what you do. Our strengths in both durability and performance allows you to work more, play more, share more and at the same time plug in less.

More energy through the day

  • Power efficient 16nm production process
  • 8% power saving from P25 (for P30)
  • 15% power saving from P20 (for P23)
  • LPDDR4X provides 70% more bandwidth than LPDDR3
  • MiraVision EnergySmart Screen reduces power consumption by up to 25%

Higher performance processing with smart delegation, CorePilot

  • 8x Arm Cortex-A53 up to 2.3GHz with the latest CorePilot
  • Arm Mali G71 MP2 up to 770MHz (950MHz for P30)
  • 25% GPU performance increase from P25 (for P30)
  • 10% GPU performance increase from P20 (for P23)

Connect More

When simultaneous 4G on both SIM cards meets long-lasting power

MediaTek Helio P23 and P30 comes with ultra-fast 4G connectivity on both SIMs. Along with improved power savings, we give you more ways to be connected longer, wherever you are. Go further in life with this MediaTek Helio P23 and P30 perfect duo.

More flexibility with dual 4G VoLTE

  • World’s first dual 4G VoLTE (DSDS)
  • Support dual VoLTE and ViLTE for HD voice and video calls and faster connection

Clever connectivity; optimized for connection reliability and power savings

  • TAS 2.0 smart antenna technology gives better connection quality and power efficiency
  • Envelope Tracking Module (ETM 2.0) optimizes power amplifier efficiency (for P30)


When premium camera performance meets long-lasting power

MediaTek Helio P30 lets you capture all of life’s moments with the greatest visual experience and long-lasting power, so you will never miss what’s important to you.

More efficiency with dedicated Vision Processing Unit

  • VPU offloads camera processing from CPU/GPU, reduces power consumption to just 1/10th

Enjoy incredible 4K2K video

  • 4K2K encode and decode using H.265 (HEVC) & VP9

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