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Boosting the Mobile Gaming Experience

Powerful Performance, Even Better Experience

The MediaTek Helio G series features an array of technologies that boost the mobile gaming experience, from vivid visuals and rapid sensing touchscreens to enhancing the connection between your smartphone and the internet.
The integrated Voice Wakeup (VoW) capability helps to optimize package size and minimize power use for voice assistant services.
MediaTek HyperEngine ensures your smartphone always keeps up with you. It features an intelligent resource management engine that ensures sustained performance and longer gameplay.


Advanced Multi-Camera Framework

Perfect for Photography Enthusiasts

MediaTek Helio G series supports large, dual-camera systems with wide-angle, telescopic, macro, or other lens setups that provide the opportunity to create differentiated smartphone options. The secure ISP design means facial recognition actions such as smartphone unlocking are ultra-fast and highly accurate, which adds a new layer of security.
MediaTek Helio G series also comes with a multitude of hardware accelerators such as a dedicated depth engine, Camera Control Unit (CCU), Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and Rolling Shutter Compensation (RSC) technology that enhances video panning and ultra-fast recording (up to 240fps).


Dual 4G VoLTE

Reliable Wi-Fi & Accurate Location Services

MediaTek Helio G series supports connectivity standards such as dual 4G VoLTE for excellent voice and video call quality, fast connections, reliable coverage, and low power consumption.
Furthermore, 802.11ac connectivity provides fast Wi-Fi performance, and the co-existence of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi simplifies product design, which assures a reliable user experience.
MediaTek's leading inertial navigation engine compensates when indoors, underground, or driving through tunnels. With the ability to understand its orientation and direction, the MediaTek Helio G series can be placed or held in any position – separating orientation from inertial readings when GNSS is unavailable.

Video Calling

MediaTek Helio G series comes with wide-ranging platform enhancements, enabling premium gaming, camera, connectivity and multimedia features.



MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technology is an array of technologies aimed to boost the mobile gaming experience through eye-popping image quality, the smoothest moves in any online world, and the fastest, most reliable network connections.

  • Networking Engine

  • Rapid Response Engine

  • Resource Management Engine

  • Picture Quality Engine

Intelligent Speed Uplift for Rapid Gameplay

  • Intelligent prediction of Wi-Fi & LTE concurrency triggers in just 13 milliseconds
  • Get a faster response between smartphone and cell-tower
  • Connect to two Wi-Fi bands or routers simultaneously for lowest game connection latency with minimum jitter
  • Simply defer calls while in-game without the connection dropping for a moment

Brilliant Picture Quality

  • Faster frame rates and smoother gameplay with a lower latency action-to-display pipeline
  • Premium picture quality with better contrast, texture sharpness and fine details
  • HDR visuals that pop and vivid, true-color experiences

End-to-End Optimization for Rapid Response Engine

  • 60% shorter GPU rendering-to-display latency pipeline to ensure a lag-free display during gameplay
  • Smoothly move around the game world without stuttering or missed clicks

Intelligent Resource Management Engine for Better, Longer Gameplay

  • Intelligent, dynamic management of CPU, GPU, and memory
  • Smoother performance in heavy-loading game engines, demanding scenes and intense gameplay
  • Enhanced power efficiency for even longer gameplay