MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ flagship 5G SoC

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Dimensity 9200+
Flagship 5G SoC

Go even faster with supreme CPU and GPU performance that hits the next-level,
all-round flagship smartphone experience, while still ensuring extreme energy efficiency.

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Go Even Faster

Next-level CPU Performance

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Powerful 11-core
Ray Tracing GPU

MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ is equipped with the ultimate Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU.

11 cores with hardware ray tracing easily handles complex lighting of detailed environments,
allowing you to experience truly immersive gaming.

Reach New Heights+17% FASTER

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Stunning Speeds

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Hardware Ray Tracing
Lighting / Real Shadows

Immersive Visual Experiences

Real-time ambient occlusion, reflection, shadows, and other ray traced lighting effects.

*Gameplay example from 'Revelation Online', by Netease Games.

Energy Efficiency

Power saving advantages
in light & medium-load gaming scenarios

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Supreme Energy Efficiency
Even in the Most
Demanding Games

Ray Tracing +
High Detail Scenes

More power efficient vs
competitor alternative

*Gameplay example from 'Revelation Online', by Netease Games.

Outstanding Power Efficiency
in Everyday Use

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

HyperEngine 6.0

Frame Rate Smoother 2.0

Effectively reduce jitter
Experience more stable, higher FPS gaming for longer

Open World RPG
( Real-time framerate / Extreme picture quality / 5G / 30min )

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Variable Rate Shading (VRS)

Dynamically adjusts the render quality
in non-focal
areas to improve game performance

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Full Speed Gaming for Longer

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Seamless Connections

Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Coexistence 3.0

Enjoy high-definition audio +
reliably low latency in games

*BT codec:LDAC990 *Data Source: MediaTek Labs

MiraVision 890

Smarter mobile display technologies that optimize power efficiency,
allowing you to play, watch, text, and game longer.

EnergySmart Screen 2.0

*Data Source: MediaTek Labs

Picture quality and backlight adjustments are made frame-by-frame through real-time content analysis to reduce the display power consumption while maintaining the original visual experience.