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That means superior 5G speeds and next-gen everything. From brilliant gaming technology and professional grade imaging and videography to advanced AI and computing architecture. The Dimensity 9000 has all the features you care about and the speeds and feeds to satisfy the most discerning tech enthusiast.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look inside

processor (2)-1

World’s 1st TSMC

Smartphone Chip

MediaTek Dimensity 9000 leads the industry by embracing leading-edge TSMC N4 (4nm-class) production – the most advanced and power efficient chip-making process ever.


World’s 1st 
Cortex-X2 in a

 Smartphone Chip

The Dimensity 9000 uses new Armv9 architecture CPUs and GPU to deliver unparalleled performance. Its octa-core CPU includes an Arm Cortex-X2 that bursts to epic 3GHz, while new LPDDR5X memory makes data immediately available, eliminating the wait to give immediate responsiveness in any app, whatever you’re doing.

  • Ultra-Core - 1x Arm Cortex-X2 at 3.05GHz
  • Super-Cores - 3x Arm Cortex-A710 up to 2.85GHz
  • Efficiency Cores - 4x Arm Cortex-A510
  • World’s first Arm Mali-G710 MC10 graphics processor
  • Big caches - 8MB L3 cache + 6MB system cache
  • LPDDR5X 7500Mbps support – 20% more power efficient than LPDDR5
imagiq logo


Imagiq 790

A flagship 18-bit HDR-ISP design gives users the first opportunity to capture 4K HDR video on three cameras simultaneously, while also assuring exceptional power efficiency. Capture an event using all different cameras (for example: wide, standard and zoom) for later editing, or allow livestream fans to potentially pick any camera they choose.

  • Most Powerful 9Gpixel/s ISP
  • World’s 1st simultaneous triple camera 18-bit HDR video recording (three cameras recording with three exposures per frame)
  • World’s 1st 320MP camera support for smartphones
  • Capture 4K HDR Video with powerful AI noise reduction
APU 590


APU 590

Our new, 5th generation AI processing unit (APU) is designed to achieve maximum effective performance in the latest AI-accelerated trends including AI-multimedia, -gaming, -camera, and social video experiences.

  • Up to 4X power efficiency upgrade vs last generation
  • Leading performance in AI (ETHZ benchmark)
  • End-to-end AI engine upgrade maximizes efficiency at every pipeline step
MediaTek HyperEngine 5.0


HyperEngine 5.0

MediaTek’s HyperEngine 5.0 gaming technologies ensure users can enjoy long-lasting, smooth gameplay without suffering connection drops, FPS jitter, input misses or gameplay hiccups. Key upgrades the 5th Generation use AI-acceleration to amp the visuals and reduce the GPU load, ensuring the gameplay is faster, looks better and is more power efficient than ever.

    • Extensive gaming power-efficiency enhancements
    • AI-VRS – First AI-enhanced variable rate shading technology
    • Industry’s 1st raytracing SDK using Vulkan for Android
    • Industry’s 1st Hybrid AI-GPU Super Resolution for gaming on Android.
    • MediaTek Wi-Fi Fast Path for lower latency connections
    • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Hybrid Coexistence 2.0

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Leading 3GPP Release-16 5G Smartphone Modem

Leading 3GPP
Release-16 5G

Smartphone Modem

The Dimensity 9000 integrates the only 5G smartphone modem with 3GPP Release-16 standard technology into the chip, amplifying sub-6GHz performance to go faster and further than ever before.

  • World’s 1st 3CC Carrier Aggregation (300MHz) 7Gbps downlink – incredible peak performance exclusively from sub-6GHz
  • World’s 1st UL Tx Switching – the only 5G smartphone modem to support R16 UL Tx Switching for both SUL and NR UL-CA based connections
  • New MediaTek 5G UltraSave 2.0 power saving enhancement suite
MediaTek MiraVision 790


MiraVision 790

MediaTek MiraVision is an exclusive suite of hardware and software technologies that intelligently adjusts a wide range of display factors to showcase the best visual enhancements in every app, media and environment.

  • 144Hz WQHD+ / 180Hz FullHD+
  • First CUVA HDR-vivid certified Android smartphone platform
  • MediaTek Intelligent Display Sync 2.0
  • Wi-Fi Display up to 4K60 with HDR10+

Latest Connectivity

& Wireless Audio

MediaTek engineers have boosted your Wi-Fi performance and made it as power efficient as possible in key things like gaming, streaming media and video conferencing. The Dimensity 9000 is ready for the latest Bluetooth wireless earbuds that connect at lower latencies – great for gamers - and adopt a new, more power-efficient audio encoding technology.

  • World’s 1st Bluetooth 5.3 support in smartphones
  • Wi-Fi 6E 2x2 (BW160): up to 2X better performance efficiency than previous generation and support for the latest 6GHz connectivity
  • New Wi-Fi/Bluetooth hybrid coexistence design
  • Bluetooth LE Audio technology with Dual-Link True Wireless Stereo Audio
  • New Beidou III-B1C GNSS support

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