Big Core Performance

Big Core Performance

The Dimensity 800 provides four powerful cores that keep up with 5G speeds, for flawless streaming, faster games, app loading and everything else that needs extra big core muscle. This octa-core CPU delivers up to 26-percent more performance than competitive solutions.

  • 4X Core Arm Cortex-A76 CPU up to 2GHz provides powerful peak performance for ultra-responsive action

  • 4X Core Arm Cortex-A55 CPU up to 2GHz provides energy-efficient CPU cores with fast clock speeds

  • 4X Core Arm Mali-G57 GPU with exclusive MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 gaming technology, features Networking Engine 2.0 and Resource Management Engine 2.0


Dimensity 800 LP new- EU - camera
Brilliant HDR Imaging, Even at Night

Brilliant HDR Imaging, Even at Night

The Dimensity 800’s in-chip AI processor (APU 3.0) along with and its native HDR imaging technology ensure the camera does the hard work so you can focus on the moment. Night and low-light shots are boosted by cutting-edge noise reduction techniques using multi-frame capture and AI. Portrait photography is always perfect thanks to a hardware depth engine for dual-cameras. Even capture soft ‘bokeh’ backgrounds in video, in real-time thanks to this chip’s powerful AI-camera features.

  • MediaTek APU 3.0 (AI Processing Unit)
  • HDR-Native ISP
  • Capture the best photos in low light (MF-NR) and extreme low-light (AI-NR)
  • Large camera sensor and dual camera acceleration
  • Dedicated face detection (AI-FD) engine
  • AI Video Bokeh
  • 4K30 video capture
Ultra-fast 120Hz Display
Ultra-fast 120Hz Display

Ultra-fast 120Hz Display

With 120Hz displays, smartphones get the smoothest visuals that cut through the blur; whether you’re in intense action gaming or just enjoying the new feeling of webpages or apps that scroll and animate so fluidly.

MiraVision HDR Video Playback
MediaTek MiraVision HDR Video Playback

MediaTek MiraVision HDR Video Playback

Streaming video has never looked better. The Dimensity 800 does the hard work behind including with MediaTek MiraVision that turns SDR video to HDR quality in real-time. It can even enhance HDR10+ video playback to bring cinema-grade experiences into video streaming and playback.


Inside the Dimensity 800:

What’s Inside



4x Arm Cortex-A76 up to 2GHz

4x Arm Cortex-A55 up to 2GHz


Arm Mali-G57 MC4

MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 gaming technology


Up to 64MP

32+16MP @ 30FPS


MediaTek APU 3.0

Video Decoding

4K @ 30FPS, HEVC/H.264/VP9

Video Encoding

4K @ 30FPS, HEVC/H.264


2520 x 1080 @ 120Hz


UFS 2.2


Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) 2X2, Bluetooth 5.0, Multi-GNSS options, FM radio


Cellular Technologies: 

2G / 3G / 4G / 5G Multi-Mode, Carrier Aggregation (CA), Dual SIM


Specific Functions: 

SA & NSA modes; SA Option 2, NSA Option 3 / 3a / 3x, NR TDD Band, NR FDD Band, DSS, NR DL 2CC, 100 MHz bandwidth, 4x4 MIMO, 256QAM NR UL 2CC, 256QAM VoNR / EPS fallback


* MediaTek Dimensity 800 offer a range of exclusive technologies that are optional upgrades for partners to include in their products.

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