All Day Productivity in Style

MediaTek powered Chromebooks are as stylish as they are powerful, lightweight and affordable.


Combination of horsepower and power efficiency for boot up within seconds


Maximized performance for your favorite applications and browsing


Extended battery life ideal for slim and light form factor, so it can last all day*

*Battery life may vary based on device and upon usage and other conditions (18)

The Biggest Brands Choose MediaTek (32)-1

Made for Power Users

If you’re expecting peak performance, get ready to experience it. With an Octa-core big.LITTLE CPU of four Arm Cortex-A78 and four Arm Cortex-A55 MP cores operating at up to 3GHz paired with a high-performance Mali-G57 GPU, you get super-fast start-up times, multiple application operation and long battery life.



Long Battery Life
Say No to Battery Drainage

Long Battery Life

Our Chromebook chipsets are built to perform without draining too much battery. The brilliant design of the Octa-core CPU and GPU, and a multimedia engine — all working together — ensures a premium content experience even after long hours of usage.

Gaming Edit Updated
And Yes to Gaming

Say Yes to Gaming

With MediaTek’s enhanced GPU coupled with the powerful Octa-core CPU, gamers can enjoy graphics-intensive, fluid gaming — play today’s blockbuster games or use streaming gaming services like Nvidia’s GE Force NOW. We deliver reliable connections, fast response times and long battery life to keep playing your favorite titles.

AI for Better Experiences


MediaTek and Google actively collaborate to provide a secure platform for Chromebook users. Chromebooks include a built-in security chip that encrypts your most sensitive data to keep it away from prying eyes. Every time your Chromebook starts up it goes through Verified Boot — a rigorous and seamless security check-up that prevents malware; and while running it uses a built-in anti-virus system to actively keep an eye on things.

High-Fidelity Resolution
High-Fidelity Resolution

High-Fidelity Resolution

Supporting 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, our Chromebook chips and display technology give you sharp, high detail visuals for an incredible viewing experience. Watch your Chromebook screen come alive with eye-popping color, clarity and picture quality.

Rich App Portfolio

Rich App Portfolio

Access a virtual playground of applications with Chrome-OS, Linux and the Google Play Store, loaded on your system and right at your fingertips.


The Biggest Brands Choose MediaTek
to Power Everyday Life

Our chips and technology keep all your gadgets connected at home, at work and on the go.

Whether it’s the Chromebook on your lap. The router in your home.
The earbuds you listen to. The TV you watch.
The gaming controller in your hands. Or the voice assistant you talk to . . .
It’s likely powered by MediaTek.