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The smartphone market is evolving quickly these days. Consumers want the latest technologies as quickly as possible, so manufacutrers want to provide these technologies to consumers as quickly as possible and network operators want to attract and keep customers. Speed and quality are paramount.


CarrierExpress is a new smartphone development solution for a new age

It leverages MediaTek's innovative, leading products and technologies as well as our unique history in offering turnkey solutions to the smartphone industry. CarrierExpress is a development package that integrates faster software/hardware solutions, reduces testing times, and provides tools for better product differentiation.


Get the full package!

With CarrierExpress we've taken the most expensive and time consuming steps out of the smartphone development process by integrated them into a single development package for manufacturers to leverage.

MediaTek implements and tests carrier feature requirements, providing brands with pre-certified solutions on carrier networks that significantly reduce testing iterations.

For smartphone manufacturers, CarrierExpress means:


Using Fewer Engineering Resources

We've taken care of the software and hardware integration testing


Lower Development Costs

Fewer engineering resources dedicated to the development of a smartphone translates into lower development costs


Faster Time To Market

With CarrierExpress, much of the software/hardware integration, network testing and system level work is completed by MediaTek. Manufacturers can bring a carrier-certified device to market much more quickly than ever before.


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