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Sound Brilliance

With MediaTek voice and audio-based technology you get crystal-clear voice that is more natural sounding and free from ambient noise for voice assist; superior hi-fi audio solutions for your listening pleasure; and connectivity without boundaries. MediaTek chips come with:


Natural language capabilities and AI intelligence for seamless interaction between humans and devices


Always-on connectivity and quick access to content from the cloud or edge


Multiple audio codec support, noise cancellation, and powerful acoustic tuning tools for optimum performance


Powerful acoustic tuning tools for engineering simplification and faster time to market for product differentiation


Superior Voice & Audio Experiences

MediaTek connects you to high performance, power efficient premium voice and sound experiences

Smart Speakers

MediaTek is the #1 chipset provider for voice assistants making voice and edge technology interaction seamless.

Sound bars

Robust connectivity and support for Dolby and DTS redefine the art of hi-fi and immersive entertainment.

Ear Buds

Seamless pairing of wireless devices and Bluetooth 5 connectivity make MediaTek’s a top technology provider for ear bud brands. (21)-3

Voice Intelligence

MediaTek makes communication between you, your devices, and interactions with the cloud or edge easy and efficient. Our chipsets support ultra-low power voice wake-up from standby, noise reduction technology, natural language processing and much more for a seamless user experience. As an added benefit, these devices continue to learn based on users’ behavior and preferences.



Innovative Audio

MediaTek chipsets are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and low latency for uninterrupted streaming content. We build in support for industry-leading and standardized audio codecs, like Dolby and DTS, ensuring power-efficient, high-fidelity content playback.

Whether you are listening, streaming, or jamming, our technology delivers an unrivaled sound experience. With our customized technology, like our PowerAQ tool, our platform gives leading audio brands the ability to innovate and deliver products quickly and efficiently across the audio eco-system.


Connectivity without Boundaries

MediaTek builds the most robust connectivity technology into our audio focused chipsets. MediaTek powered devices support world-class Bluetooth and Wi-Fi co-existence for quick and reliable connectivity in any environment. With efficient throughput and range extension; secure and reliable access from the cloud or edge; and ease of integration, we make staying connected easier than ever.


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The Biggest Brands Choose MediaTek
to Power Everyday Life

Our chips and technology keep all your gadgets connected at home, at work and on the go.

Whether it’s the Chromebook on your lap. The router in your home.
The earbuds you listen to. The TV you watch.
The gaming controller in your hands. Or the voice assistant you talk to . . .
It’s likely powered by MediaTek.