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The Smartphone Design Training aims to provide specific smartphone design training to Design Engineers from Electronics or Telecommunications domain, through a dedicated Senior Talent Program to lead design projects successfully in India. Curated by MediaTek India, the program schedule will be 2 month long and is meant for experienced design Engineers from Electronics domain with minimum 5 years’ experience or candidates with excellent academic background, graduate from tier-1 colleges, with minimum work experience of 2 years out of which at least 1 year must be in core Telecom industry.

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Smartphone Training: MediaTek


  • Building up mobile phone design and fabrication knowledge, and enhancing the knowledge by deep hands-on design.
  • Acquire basic capability to choose key components of whole handset, and especially learn how to solve the interconnection issue of key components.
  • Gain knowledge of downstream process (like production/testing) for enhancing the manufacturing effectiveness.
  • Necessary soft-skill and mindset for an effective team, and gain whole picture for efficient planning and execution of hardware projects.
The course will begin from 19 January, 2018.
The total duration of the course will be 9 weeks, of which 6 weeks of remote training exercises will be conducted in India on a weekday (mostly Friday) for about 6 weeks, break for 2 weeks, then final 3 weeks of hands-on training will take place in Taiwan, at a MediaTek facility.
The final list of selected candidates will be announced on 15th January. And the video lectures with MediaTek experts will begin from 19th January, 2018 and go on till 2nd March, 2018. There will be a total of 6 lectures during this period. The candidates will be required to travel to Taiwan on 10th & 11th March, 2018. The 3 week hands-on training in Taiwan will begin from 12th March, 2018, and go on till 30th March, 2018.
If you are:
  1. Design Engineer from Electronics or Telecommunications domain with minimum 5 years of relevant experience.
  2. With excellent academic background, graduate from tier 1 college and minimum 2 years of work experience out of which, at least 1 year must be in core Telecom industry.
Cost of training course & material, food and accommodation (during stay in Taiwan) is free. Flight tickets, travel insurance, visa fee etc to be covered by individual or company sponsoring the individual.
Click here to apply. Last date to submit your application is 9 January 2018.

Participant Videos:

Interviews with specialist training managers from MediaTek

Handset Hardware Design Development Program 2016-17

Work-life balance is important! Especially when you’re away from home for a long while. As our new friends stayed in Taiwan for several weeks, they took the chance to be tourists and experience a few wonders of the Island.

On arrival engineering managers from India took a tour of the MediaTek HQ showroom. The students were introduced to MediaTek innovations and technologies by staff, learning their significance and advantages for their future products.

The closing ceremony was held at the MediaTek Headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan on 13th January. Ms. Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary of MeitY, joined the ceremony via video conference. MediaTek Chairman and CEO, Mr. Ming-Kai Tsai congratulated all participants who completed the training in person, along with Mr. Ming-Ji Wu, Director General of Industrial Development Bureau at MOEA in Taiwan.

How the Make in India program originated. Working with MediaTek, we hope to offer Indian engineers the chance to create unique products that meet the exact needs of their local market.

MediaTek builds from the foundation: from project overview, through hardware and software knowledge to real hands-on practice.

We worked with engineers to understand what tests are required and how these labs perform the tests to make great smartphones.

Interviews with specialist training managers from MediaTek partners

Part one of interviews with Indian engineers managers expressing what they learnt through working with MediaTek

Part two of interviews with Indian engineers managers expressing what they learnt through working with MediaTek

Part three of interviews with Indian engineers managers expressing what they learnt through working with MediaTek

Nothing beats the taste of home to keep you going! We helped our Indian friends so they could cook authentic Indian meals, and in exchange we learnt a thing or two about Indian cooking as well!

MediaTek Chairmen, M K Tsai, makes a speech to the program attendees in the closing ceremony.

First Person Experiences:

Handset Hardware Design Development Program 2016-17

Handset Design Training Courses

MediaTek Senior Department Manager, Pierce Kuo, lead the design training courses. This instruction aimed to equip the engineering managers with the necessary theory and practical skill to lead a team of junior engineers to create smartphone designs within India.

Daily Courses

The daily courses taught the practical and management skills and related environments that need to be performed in order to create new smartphone products locally.

Teachers and Trainers from MediaTek Partners

In addition to staff teaching and training, MediaTek also invited our partners to teach the Indian engineers as well. This exposure to the extended smartphone ecosystem not only builds wider relationships, but also necessary experiences beyond what MediaTek can teach.

Teachers and Trainers from MediaTek

This was also a first for MediaTek staff. Acting as teacher and trainers...

Specialist Labs

In order to create leading technologies, cutting-edge test facilities are required. MediaTek has invested heavily in specifically tailored labs to...

Organizers & Supporters.

All about Food

Cross-cultural exchange didn’t stop when the working day ends! Because the Indian engineers spent several weeks in Taiwan with MediaTek...


  • Mobile phone market segmentation and positioning.
  • Digital and analog design.
  • RF and Wireless Connectivity.
  • Camera/Audio tuning.
  • Power consumption and thermal design.
  • Certification and regulation.
  • BSP driver.
  • Case study (measurement and debugging).
  • Considering the trainees are all on-job training, to better accommodate their timing on their jobs, family and training, this year we divided the training program in 2 parts: first part (long duration) in India on weekdays (mostly Fridays), to allow the participants to continue their work in the offices and balance their family life as well after the training classes. The second part will be in Taiwan for 3 weeks.
  • More hands-on training than last year’s program.
  • More focused skills by dividing into 3 specialized modules namely- RF, Multimedia and System.
About 50 professionals, who qualify the above listed criteria, will be selected from key handset makers across the country to take part in the training program.
Candidates will be selected basis:
  1. Years of work experience in Electronics or Telecommunications domain.
  2. Profile relevance with the training program.
Candidate selection committee (MediaTek, NIELIT & ICA) reserves the final decision of the qualified participant selection.
The last date to send in your application is 31 December, 2017.