10 nm X 10 cores

Sustained processing power in a 10nm & 10-core design

MediaTek’s Helio X30 is among the first wave of 10nm smartphone chipsets to be available to the market, and the only smartphone SoC to use 10 processing cores (Deca-core) and 10 nanometer (nm) fabrication.


Increase in performance1


Power saving1

1: Compared to MediaTek Helio X20

10 nanometer fabrication

The most advanced fabrication technology in the market

Our leading edge 10nm fabrication increases performance by up to 22% and saves power by up to 40% over 16nm.

CorePilot 4.0

Even Smarter Delegation

Intelligent task scheduling system


Power saving2

Thermal management

UX monitoring

2: Compared to CorePilot 3.0

3xCA Connectivity

Blazing-fast Connection

Support carrier aggregation for both FDD and TDD

450 Mbps downlink (3xCA)

150 Mbps uplink (2xCA)

Imagiq 2.0

A Multimedia Powerhouse

16MP + 16MP Dual Camera

Wide and Tele Dual camera Zoom

Designated VPU to free the CPU from labor


The Ultimate Experience

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